At Southern Lightning Engineers, we are proud members of ATLAS, the Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists (Membership No. 9402). We are also fully insured against all risks, giving you peace of mind that should something go wrong, we are covered. This means that no extra costs will be passed onto you.

In addition to being a member of ATLAS, we are also accredited to SAFEContractor, Constructionline and EXOR. We hope this shows that we take safety incredibly seriously, allowing you to rest assured knowing that you are in the best possible hands when it comes to lightning protection services.

Engineers & Training

Our engineers are expertly trained and fully qualified to design, install and maintain lightning protection for your property. However, our engineers are not satisfied with just being qualified, they strive to be the very best in the industry. It is because of this determination and commitment, many of our engineers have received awards in recognition of their work.

As fantastic as this is, we at Southern Lightning always believe that we can improve. This is why we often hold refresher courses to ensure that no key skills are forgotten and that our engineers’ minds remain sharp. We also make sure that our teams are fully trained in first aid as well as hosting regular toolbox talks.

Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

We also run a testing, inspection and maintenance programme every year based on the recommendations of BS 6651:1999 and BS EN 62305:2006. This programme applies to all lightning protection systems that are over a year old and helps to ensure that they remain safe and in good working order.

Surge Protection

Lightning protection systems are only in place to protect the property and the people inside. This means that electronic equipment, data, alarms, etc can still be damaged. To combat this, BS 6651:1999 and BS EN 62305:2006 recommend additional protection to ensure that these have a better chance of withstanding a lightning strike.

At Southern Lightning, we are here to provide advice on the type of equipment that is needed to give your property this extra protection. We can also supply and install this equipment, so if this is something of interest to you, please contact us today.

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