What is Earthing?

Effective earthing systems are fundamental to power networks by making sure that equipment is operational and safe to use.

When an electrical fault occurs on a site or building, effective earthing will disperse the current to the ground to prevent damage. Earthing systems can vary depending on a wide range of criteria, for example soil resistivity.

Earthing is one of the most important parts of electrical networks. A grounded system will save your electrical appliances from getting damaged by excessive power, in addition to protecting against injuries and fatalities.

Kent Specialist Earthing with Southern Lightning

At Southern Lightning Engineers we can provide you with specialist earthing in Kent. We go the extra-mile to deliver our customers with the best earthing services possible.

We can help you with designing, installing, and maintaining earthing today. We have over 30 years of industry experience along with a highly trained professional team. With our specialist earthing services in Kent you can have complete peace of mind that a highly reputable company is undertaking your work.

Most importantly, all the services we offer are safe. We carry our extensively thorough risk assessments to be sure that the project we are working on is completely safe.

At Southern Lightning we are highly experienced and qualified at giving you safe specialist earthing solutions. Get in touch with us today to ensure that you get an effective and reliable earthing system. If you would like a survey and assessment along with a no obligation quote, please call us today.

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